Enterprise Application Development: Gauging Expectations and Reality

Enterprise Applications
Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise application development has become imperative in modern-day businesses since it helps them to grow. From promoting their business on the digital platform to facilitating customers, a tailor-made enterprise app has the power to perform a plethora of operations, thereby streamlining businesses by increasing their sales figures.

However, these enterprise applications might look like a magical solution to you, but let us tell you, a lot of sorcery happens behind the scenes, and that’s where we get jammed. So there’s a fine line between what we think enterprise app development would look, and how it performs. 

We invite you to explore the tension related to enterprise application development with us and analyze ways to bridge the gap between what we have and what we want. But let us first take a closer look at what exactly are enterprise apps and enterprise app development. Let’s dive deep into it.

What Exactly Is an Enterprise Application?

An enterprise application or EA is a specifically tailored software system used by modern-day organizations (government bodies, schools, businesses, charities, etc.) for their particular needs. The app is developed based on an organization’s global strategy.

Though the motive of developing an enterprise application varies from enterprise to enterprise, there are some similar grounds for why enterprises like to go for them in large.

  1. Workflow automation;
  2. Enhanced management abilities;
  3. Robustness;
  4. Business orientation;
  5. Simplifying work process;
  6. Seamless communication with other enterprise software.

Of course, an enterprise solution is way more competent than a regular application. This is one of the finest reasons why SMEs and startups root for enterprise solutions after their initial success plan. 

Enterprise Application

What’s Enterprise Application Development?

Enterprise application development is the process of developing an enterprise app that helps to automate processes, organize data, accelerate operations and revamp our working process. 

There are several unique enterprise app development challenges that need to be taken care of:

  1. Multiple users with diverse or identical needs can be managed through the same app;
  2. Strict regulations in financial and healthcare services industry;
  3. Enormous data reserves for integration and management;
  4. Strictly catering to ever-changing and ever-evolving roles and responsibilities;
  5. Consistently delivering value and at scale.

For these reasons mentioned above, there always remains a fine gap between what clients look forward to and what they get in return.  Enterprise application development is a mammoth task, and app development agencies providing enterprise solutions often fail to deliver the client’s exact needs. 

User Expectations from Enterprise Application Development

Before you plan to develop an enterprise application for your organization, make sure you choose a reputable mobile application development company that will leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing strategic enterprise solutions to you. 

Grab an eye at the features and functionalities your enterprise application must have and should be built around.

  • Integration with Departments

We’ve seen many of our clients (including some leading names as well) experience a delay in their business workflow because a specific department wasn’t able to get a view of the work carried out by other departments in the office. Again, this is where a tailor-made enterprise application can assist you by taking timely decisions based on stock, production, etc.

Additionally, enterprises use loads of applications and software to automate and simplify the process. However, a customized enterprise app can be seamlessly integrated with all the existing data sources, ensuring a matchless user experience and eradicating the extra effort for software integrations.

  • Security

Security is an obvious factor and should be kept in mind when building robust enterprise apps. The clients we’ve worked with stress on securing their software system since they deal with mammoth reserves of data regularly. And that’s rightly so because we get to hear data breaching incidents and security threats happening to bigger enterprises.

You should make sure that the company you choose for enterprise application development services must heavily pay attention to secure and shield the valuable user data stored within the app. 

Enterprise Application Development

  • Speed

Speed matters the most, and when it’s enterprise applications, it needs faster processing since it deals with a large amount of data. Earlier, organizations used to wait for days to get their software or application fixed by a developer or expert team. In this digitally-progressive era, developers can fix issues or errors an enterprise faces in no time soon after reporting. 

An enterprise app should be compatible with all the market-leading technology trends with time. Also, the ever-growing pile of data should be taken care of by app development teams. 

  • User-Centric

The enterprise application should focus on your end-users just like any other traditional apps. Every organization wants to get tailored solutions that are user-friendly and interactive, and capable of attracting more users. In addition, it should act as a liaison between the employees and clients. 

Whether a CRM looking to ease the entire workflow, an IT company for data analytics, or a company planning to streamline their overall recruitment technique, enterprise app development solutions must be based on its expectations. 

Enterprise Application Development: Reality Check Ahead

The reality is quite different from the expectations when it comes to enterprise application development. We are going to break down the myths for you when you get your enterprise app developed. Let’s take a look.

  • Speed Is Slow

No matter which company you choose for enterprise application development, it is true that this development process is arduous than expected. It consumes a lot of time. Furthermore, searching for the right manpower required for your project is a tough nut to crack, making timely delivery of your project quite impossible.

  • Project-Focused

It is a general belief that app development agencies build apps keeping your project in mind, but in reality, it says otherwise. App development teams can often get busy and end up on stand-alone and multiple disengaged databases saved at numerous digital systems. Thus, making it hard to integrate, hence, a major problem for an enterprise.

Enterprise Development

Crucial Challenges in Enterprise Application Development

  • Access to Data

Data is the major thing that steers any enterprise’s workflow. However, a large amount of data access often slows down the fetching from the database. Therefore, data access should be smooth and seamless in your enterprise app’s flow so that you don’t face any problems while handling and maintaining loads of users at a time. 

Furthermore, today, enterprise apps also need offline data access (though not many), making it effortless for enterprises to access data without the need for an internet connection.

  • Data Encryption

Data encryption is the major challenge faced by app development companies providing enterprise solutions. 

Since more and more enterprises are embracing the mLearning platform and want their app development team to work on the idea of BYOD (Bring your device), it is becoming tough to keep data in an encrypted format. 

However, secure containment and data encryption are vital for enterprise app development since they can shield the data from getting violated or any device theft-related incident.

  • Device Fragmentation

With the growing trends in enterprise application development, it has become necessary to test the app on several other devices. When BYOD was not so popular, organizations developed apps that fitted to only a dedicated platform like iOS or Windows. 

Today, since many devices need to be tested, it poses a challenge for app development experts to put forward a solution that fits every screen size. This is why companies providing cross-platform app development services come to the rescue for building an all-platform enterprise application.

Crucial Challenges

Overcoming Enterprise Application Development Challenges

Challenges occur in every single thing. That’s why we aim to find suitable solutions to such problems instead of doing what other enterprise app development agencies do today. We’ve stated down some key points that can help overcome enterprise application development challenges.

  1. Carrying out application vulnerability tests can help prevent your data from falling into the hands of cybercriminals. With these tests, you can check if your application, back-end services, and server are shielded enough. Furthermore, it tracks down the potential issues in your software system. 
  2. The designs should be compatible with every device. The enterprise app development team should select the most accurate framework and tech stack to access the app on all the existing platforms.
  3. Data needs to be maintained and regulated in a well-structured way so that it doesn’t lag and create issues. This can be done by establishing a smart link between applications running on similar datasets to achieve effective optimization.
  4. Cloud-enabled web and mobile apps are always prone to cyberattacks. Thus, regular checking procedures and providing security patches should be carried out by app development agencies to ensure total security.

The Bottom Line

In this age of digitalization, every SME looks for smart solutions. So yes, there exist some challenges that vary based on the type of enterprise application required.

Enterprise application development will continue to evolve over time. Companies like us are always concerted towards offering best-in-class enterprise app development solutions that provide interoperability, military-grade security, and restructure the overall functioning of an enterprise by streamlining it. 

AppIncubator is the most reliable enterprise app development company having years of experience in developing robust and secure enterprise applications that have helped organizations gain the trust of their users. Contact us to book a free consultation on your app idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to enhance the security of an enterprise application?

The best practices to improve your enterprise app’s security include strong and secure implementation of password storage and verification and the use of firewalls.

A reputable mobile app development company follows the best practices and uses the latest security standards for robust user authentication. If you choose AppIncubator for building your enterprise app, we improve your app’s security by implementing strong and secure password storage and verification, using firewalls, and applying SAST/DAST to detect vulnerabilities early.

Q2. How can enterprise application development upscale my business?

Enterprise application development can help increase your business’ productivity and efficiency and optimize business processes.

Enterprise application development has the power to streamline and optimize your business’ internal functioning, eradicate the need for paperwork by bringing automation in the workflow, strengthen bonds with your clients, bolster your brand image, and ensure maximized ROI.

Q3. How many types of enterprise software are there?

There are a total of three types of enterprise software.

Employee-level enterprise software, department-level enterprise software, and company-level software.