Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Refurbishing the Apparel Industry


The apparel industry is one of the most wide-ranging industries globally and has always been the trailblazer in embracing innovative technology despite being highly established. It’s great to be aware of and have a complete grip on the latest trends in the market. As the world is constantly changing, fashion brands need to pace up with the ongoing trends and foretell a customer’s preferences. Now, they have a far-flung source of inspiration in contrast to 10 years back, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s like reading the customer’s minds about their needs before they do. 

In this accelerated era, keeping up with the latest trends to meet customers’ needs is a hefty task. Artificial intelligence is helping designers to create up-to-date and innovative products and make their tasks pretty facile. Right from manufacturing to marketing and ultimately selling, it has offered a whole new perspective. The infusion of AI in the apparel industry has been a game-changer 

Let’s examine how fashion brands are infusing AI technology to refurbish the apparel industry to take their business forward.

i) Designing: The usage of AI-powered technology is helping fashion brands to be conscious of the consumer’s wants and sketch out apparel a cut above. For instance, several fashion platforms are using AI-powered tools for designing clothes based on the information gathered about customers’ preferences.

ii) Fast-track Production: The AI-powered tools are helping top fashion brands to pick out the latest and ongoing trends quickly and come up with state-of-the-art fashion accessories to retail racks much quicker than a regular fashion retailer. In addition, providing customers with present-day and accurate trending clothes has given them immense satisfaction.

iii) Consultative Role: The AI works as a digitized partner in suggesting apparel to customers regarding their body structure. Then, considering the particulars provided by the customers, the exact product is displayed to them. As AI plays a consultative role, it gives considerable satisfaction to the customers. Hence, we can see a total reduction in the number of product returns which earlier was a concern. 

iv) Boost-up Customer Assistance: The arrival of intelligent chatbots has revolutionized customer assistance and interaction between customers and fashion brands. As a result, chatbots have given a whole new dimension to the fashion industry. From tracking sales to product recommendations, they play an all-important role.

v) Reduction in Human Error: Artificial Intelligence has enabled fashion hubs to automate tedious and humdrum tasks, which in general were worked out by human force. Automating monotonous tasks has also resulted in reduced human errors. Also, human agents can now focus more on strategic activities rather than engaging themselves in repetitive tasks like data entry.

vi) Quality Assurance: With the help of AI technology, spotting out defects in fabric and colour tones is easier. Products are thoroughly checked and maintained. AI technology, namely computer vision technology, is authorizing quality assurance operations to be smoother and more seamless. It helps minimize the chance of second-rate manufacturing, thus reducing product wastage. 

Final Note:

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