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We are all living in a virtual realm wherein our mobile phones are our new best buddies, whom we absolutely can’t do without. 

There was a recent study conducted by researchers at Baylor University in the US, and it was found out that young women use their mobile devices for at least 10 hours a day. In contrast, their male counterparts spend an average of eight hours every day on their mobile phones.  

James Roberts, the lead researcher of this study that was published in the Journal of Behavioural Addictions, found this extremely astounding, and he commented –  

As cell phone functions increase, addiction to this indispensable piece of technology becomes a realistic possibility.

Many other relevant studies substantiate this claim of us being overly dependent on our little piece of cell phones. Social media, instant messaging, and virtual internet surfing are activities that we most commonly resort to while using our cellular devices.

Herein it is pertinent to mention that business organizations are making the most of it. They have zeroed in on some astute mobile website optimization strategies to augment their website’s outreach through phone devices as that is accessible to all. It will help in expanding their business to potential customers beyond physical boundaries. 

This, in turn, has radically mushroomed mobile commerce that is also referred to as m-commerce as mercenary transactions are made via cell phones and tablets. 

One would be amazed to know that as per Statista, a market research company, the mobile commerce sales in the US were estimated at around a humongous $207.2 billion in 2017, and the revenue generated has only scaled higher since then. 

Mobile commerce is thus a puissant scepter that businesses must assiduously make use of. A mobile-friendly website is the most crucial aspect for successfully carrying out m-commerce. 

However, website optimization for mobile devices can be a Herculean task as it is sure not a cakewalk, and it comes with its own set of challenges. We have briefly delineated some of those challenges that you must consider before optimizing your website for mobile devices. 

So do give this detailed blog a read as it would sure give you an astute overview regarding mobile website optimization.

mobile website optimization

Obstacles in Website Optimization for Mobile Devices

• Challenge 1 – Mobile Interface Serviceability

The mobile screen size differs from that of a desktop, and mobile interface serviceability is, therefore, one of the most cardinal challenges that designers face while carrying out mobile website optimization. 

During your web development project, you must ensure that your website is optimized in congruence to the type of screen that the visitors use. If the visitors are unable to skim through your website smoothly, they would abruptly leave within no time. 

Usability is thus a hindrance as you need to render an enjoyable navigation experience to your site visitors mandatorily. Your website should hence be designed accordingly, per the mobile screen size. 

• Challenge 2 – Mobile Speed

We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to overcome this challenge. Visitors are sure to leave a website if it doesn’t function at full throttle. Herein we would like to mention a study by Kissmetrics which concluded that a whopping 47% of the visitors abruptly leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

Slow loading is thus a major drawback that you need to assiduously deal with because there are umpteen other options with a plethora of similar websites where users can avail the same services. So you should compulsorily have a website that must operate in the blink of an eye via all mobile devices. 

Mobile Speed

• Challenge 3 – Sync Mobile Website with Desktop Version 

Yes, you heard that right! This is indeed a grave hindrance that designers usually face when designing websites for mobile devices. Your mobile website must be in complete synchronization with the desktop version. Designers, therefore, need to assiduously travel the extra mile to ensure that your business website is easily accessible both via desktop and mobile with optimum streamlining in place. 

• Challenge 4 – Smartly Cut the Clutter

There’s no denying the fact that smartphones, though robust, are not as powerful as laptops or desktops. Designers thus need to retrench and smartly cut down on all the additional clutter that is otherwise essential for desktop websites.

This is extremely important when optimizing websites for mobiles with very limited screen size, so the content must be lessened. It should be very concise and precise, with only the relevant information that highlights your specific business product and services in the best way possible. This would, in turn, produce a fast-running mobile website. 

• Challenge 5 – Create a Trailblazing Design

The virtual mercenary world is a limitless, eclectic ocean with companies competing with each other to make their mark. Design plays a crucial role in mobile website optimization because an avant-garde, trailblazing design is sure to catch the eye of your visitor. A distinct website design can give your business product a whole new perspective, and the visitor would be compelled to look at your product differently. 

You must therefore pay scrupulous attention as an exceptionally designed mobile website would surely leave an impression on your visitor, albeit this in itself is quite a daunting challenge as not all designers hold such adroit skills.

Herein we might sound a little biased, but we would like to mention that our designers at AppIncubator magically create stellar mobile websites that exude brilliant creativity and state-of-the-art, uber-cool designs. 

Trailblazing Design

• Challenge 6 – Low Mobile Memory

As mentioned, our advanced mobile phones are not as puissant as desktops and laptops; there are obstacles when you decide to make your website compatible with mobile devices. Mobile devices come with low or limited memory, and this limitation is indeed a major obstacle as it causes severe debasement in the overall performance of the mobile website.

• Challenge 7 – Scrutinise Your Website

Another issue in developing websites for mobile devices is compatibility. Herein you may use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool. It acts as the ultimate knight in shining armour and furnishes a detailed synopsis of what all the website requires in order to become mobile-friendly. It is a dedicated testing tool that helps businesses identify the cardinal areas of improvement for making a great mobile website.

• Challenge 8 – Customer Satisfaction

We aim for customer satisfaction, albeit this is also a major challenge, especially when talking about successful mobile website optimization. You may have a splendid website featuring a visually appealing design and many functions, but if your customers and the potential clientele don’t approve of it, all your efforts go down the drain. 

You must understand that an ideal mobile website should be one wherein a customer can easily scout for what they want without too much rummaging around, as that would inadvertently make your customer lose interest. They would thereby exit from the website. 

Your customers should hence be easily able to locate whatever they want. When designing web pages for mobile devices, the website should render utmost customer satisfaction as this alone is of paramount importance, though not so easy.

The Key Takeaway

Fret not, and don’t let these challenges bog you down. We would again like to reiterate that AppIncubator makes incredibly brilliant and the most advanced mobile websites. We magically transmogrify businesses with our sublime web and mobile app development solutions par excellence. We would be delighted to offer our mobile website optimization services to your organization to help you offer your customers an experience customized to their devices. To learn more about mobile web optimization or avail of our services for designing websites for mobile devices, contact us. We look forward to serving you.