Hadoop: Open-Source Framework For Data Storage & Computation

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Why Hadoop for your Business?

Hadoop development services for data storage provides success to business organizations. To assist companies in the process of storing, analyzing, and processing the collected data, AppIncubator offers in-depth knowledge of Hadoop development solutions. This technology offers businesses scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

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The Module of Hadoop

Our design of Hadoop is based on the following modules:


Hadoop Common

Hadoop Common refers to the collection of utilities and libraries supporting various other Hadoop modules. Hadoop library is a framework that enables the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. Any hardware failures in the core can be handled automatically by the Hadoop Framework.

Hadoop MapReduce

This module enables massive scalability across hundreds or thousands of servers in a Hadoop cluster. It is used to create applications to process a large amount of data. Every data Hadoop receive is executed over the following three stages:

    Map: In this stage, the data is converted to its key-value pairs known as Tuples.

    Shuffle: In this stage, the data is transferred from the Map stage to the Reduce stage.

    Reduce: Once the tuples are received, the framework passes the function key and an iterator object with all the values about the key.


Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

HDFS is a distributed file system that handles large data sets running on commodity hardware. It is used to scale a single Hadoop cluster to hundreds of nodes. In simple words, it breaks the files into blocks and gets stored in nodes over the distributed architecture. It offers a setup where only one primary machine controls the other machines and quickly access big data.

Hadoop YARN

Hadoop yarn stands for Yet Another Resource Negotiator, and it is responsible for job scheduling and cluster management. It separates resource management and job scheduling/monitoring functions as one global Resource Manager and Application Master.


Our Hadoop Development Services

As the market players in catering Hadoop solutions, we have vast experience and a highly skilled team to address the varying needs of every business.

Design and

Our skilled developers' design creative and engaging Hadoop architecture utilizing the latest and relevant technology as per your business requirement.

Hadoop Consulting Services

We study the market trends very closely, which is why we can offer our clients insights on the deployment of the framework and its possible configurations and optimization.


We offer custom Hadoop business solutions by taking into account your environment and create the most suitable framework for it.


We provide you with technology integration services for various platforms and location-based mobile services for marketing purposes and more.


Our team of experts offers comprehensive and in-depth testing of Hadoop frameworks to ensure flawless functionality, seamless operations, and amazing results.


Once the product is ready, it is launched by our team of experts, and we make sure that the product is compatible with the existing systems of the client's organization.

Big Data

We believe in providing effective big data solutions that are transformative and help improve business operations and performance.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We integrate our years of experience and impressive knowledge to offer you the best solutions per market insights.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Our skilled developers are proficient in data visualization and can offer easy mergers of big data environments with external datasets, enrich them, or fast-track them.

Maintenance & Support Services

We offer maintenance and technical support anytime, anywhere. Our skilled professionals resolve issues quickly while constantly upgrading and optimizing the framework.


We offer best-in-class business solutions that are reliable, secure, and effective.


We offer to create various kinds of data models, pipelines and implement Hadoop frameworks best suited to your business requirements.

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Our Hadoop
Tools & Technologies

Our skilled developers of the Hadoop system use the latest tools and technologies to offer you the best Hadoop solutions. Some of the tools we utilize in creating robust Hadoop solutions are:

The Key Benefits of Using Hadoop


Fault tolerance


Easy to use




Data Locality

Schema Independent

Why choose AppIncubator?

As the market leader in developing Hadoop solutions, we provide you with high-quality services that will help you get to scale your business. Choosing us will bring you the following benefits:

Quality & Security Adherence

We believe in providing you with apps and software development services that are future-ready. Our team of experts follow compliance frameworks and ensure the highest quality of data protection and implement advanced measures to keep data safe and secure.

Integrity &

We offer customized business solutions and keep a transparent deployment process with our clients. We believe in converting ideas into reality.


When developing Hadoop solutions for businesses, we follow an analytical and result-driven approach. We incorporate valuable market insights and create suitable frameworks that perform well without any issues.


We do a series of stringent quality checks on all our products to ensure seamless performance without any glitches. We offer high-quality solutions as per our clients' unique business requirements.

Cost Effective Hadoop Development

We understand that developing Hadoop solutions can be financially exhausting, which is why we offer the best services and solutions that are cost-effective. Our offerings are made with the latest technologies and industry innovations.

Maintain Information Security

We put great focus on protecting and safeguarding the sensitive information stored by the Hadoop framework. We do periodic assessments and training sessions to ensure peak performance for human and non-human elements.

Technologies We Serve

We at AppIncubator use the latest tools and technologies to develop finest digital solutions.
We have a team of experienced, dedicated, & skilled software developers who loves to work with remarkable technologies.

Industries We Serve

We know that every industry needs Custom Solutions. Our application developers research all
Industries & Create Solutions according to user requirements.

















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work in the field of IT and mobile application development.


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We believe in offering the best and latest solutions as per each business requirement. Some of the Hadoop solutions we offer are Hadoop Consulting Services, Custom Hadoop Development Solutions, Hadoop Integration Services, Hadoop Maintenance & Support Services, and more.

There are many factors on which the development cost of the Hadoop solution depends. To know more, get in touch with us today! We ensure to offer you with the best services and solutions that are cost-effective.

Hadoop offers effective solutions to each business in dealing with big data. If you require effective storage and security of data, Hadoop is the best solution for you.

The Hadoop framework is mostly written in Java language with some native code in C and command-line utilities written as Shell Scripts. Java is the most preferred programming language for Hadoop.

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