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The New Face of Healthcare Amid COVID-19

There has been a huge transformation in the Healthcare sector due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Approximately 75% of consumers globally now prefer a remote form of healthcare instead of going to the doctors.

The New Face of Healthcare Amid COVID-19

Advantages Of Healthcare Mobile App Development

Timely care even at remote locationsTimely care even at remote locations

Remote patient monitoring is a form of telehealth that enables patients to connect with healthcare providers using mobile phones.

Save medical personnel and patients timeSave medical personnel and patients' time

Mobile health technologies enable patients and doctors to keep track of medical appointments, reports, and more. It is more convenient and saves a lot of time.

User-friendly Healthcare with the IoTUser-friendly Healthcare with the Internet of Things

IoT can help collect health-related data from individuals using devices like smart wearables and enable constant tracking of health conditions.

Easy track and medical records managementEasy track and medical records management

Mobile health technology has made it easier to keep full track of medical records and individuals' health. No need to stack files!

Improves provider communication and coordinationImproves provider communication and coordination

The ability to connect has been made easy across the health system, securing an appointment, full access to the medical records using mobile health technology.

Accurate Patient DiagnosticsAccurate Patient Diagnostics

With technology, it is easier than before to accurately diagnose patients and help them with immediate medications or procedures.

Improves medication adherenceImproves medication adherence

Poor medication adherence is a major factor for a patient's chronic conditions. By using mobile health technology solutions, it can be improved.

Medical Education and TrainingMedical Education and Training

Mobile devices have made it easy to learn from anywhere. Healthcare providers are using technology in training and educating in many ways.

Advantages Of Healthcare Mobile App Development

How AppIncubator Benefit Your Healthcare App Development?

We at AppIncubator understand the importance the healthcare system plays globally, and our team of experts use their years of experience to provide you with the best possible solutions for your app development.

We offer valuable experience to increase customer loyalty

We offer valuable experience to increase customer loyalty

useful app

We build a convenient and useful app to attract new customers

automatic approach

We provide an automatic approach to gather customer needs

How AppIncubator Benefit Your Healthcare App Development?
latest technologies

We use the latest technologies like AR, VR, ML, etc.

team of experts

We have a team of experts on board

product usability

We focus on our product usability and testing

Hospital Management System

We provide you with full guidance on using digital operations on a single platform to streamline processes and simplify workflow.

Patient Record Management

We offer a simplified way to organize and collect patent data that will be available for access.

Appointment Management

An automated process of assigning healthcare providers to patients upon booking an appointment.

Patient Management

Keeping track of patient records, from previous medical history, treatments to future appointments.

Laboratory Management

Storing of patients' lab reports results on a digital so that it is accessible whenever needed.

Radiology Management

Keeping all the medical reports from the radiology department in one place and easy accessibility.

Support Management

We provide you with a digital platform for recording feedback and complaints filed by patients.

Billing and invoice

Instead of long lines, have all the billing information and status in one place.

Hospital Management System Hospital Management System

Telemedicine Solution Telemedicine Solution

Laboratory Service Laboratory Service

Health & Fitness Health & Fitness

Chiro Practice Solution Chiro Practice Solution

Clinical Communication System Clinical Communication System

Pharmacy Solutions Pharmacy Solutions

Laboratory Service Laboratory Service


Technologies we use to build healthcare application

As one of the best healthcare mobile application development companies in the market, we use cutting-edge technology to develop apps. We aim at proving you with the best digital products that will improve your productivity and efficiency.

Custom IoT Healthcare Solutions offered by AppIncubator

We have a team of experts on board, and we aim to deliver a robust IoT application as per your requirements and help you achieve better outcomes. We wish to build a tailor-made IoT application for you that incorporates next-gen quality.

Practice Management System

We have a team of experts who are familiar with building multifunctional PMSs for medical professionals.

Medical Billing Solutions

We aim to provide you with the best possible solution for your mobile ecosystem that enables high-quality performance and caters to all your requirements.

Post-acute Care Coordination Solutions

We provide you with an interactive mobile application to help you keep track and manage your patient data between and after treatments, provide remote sessions and surveillance.

Continued Medical Education Platforms

We will develop a highly functional e-learning platform that will incorporate the latest technology and provide the users with the best learning experience.

Insurance Verification

We offer to build a medical insurance verification software that is fast, efficient, and accurate. Having a digital solution that will make it easy for healthcare providers to automate the process.

Connected Health Monitoring

The next-gen technologies and our years of experience in building mobile healthcare applications have made it possible for us to provide you with the best solutions. We work closely on wearable technology and deliver advanced digital monitoring solutions.

Implementing the DICOM Standard

We at AppIncubator provide you with applications that are compatible with the DICOM file format and network communications protocols, making the apps feasible for hospitals and professionals. DICOM is the international standard that medical professionals use for medical images and related information.

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The DICOM Standard

The Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Standard is a non-patent data exchange protocol for medical images and visuals. This format is being accepted and used worldwide for the process of storing and transmitting medical images. It also allows the integration of medical imaging devices used in radiology, cardiology, radiotherapy, and other domains, including ophthalmology and dentistry.

Advantages of DICOM Implementation

  • It has compatible imaging capabilities that help to store medical information properly.

  • It helps in complete scanning and image review.

  • It is a single network transfer process of patient details and image details

  • It has a consistent standard across multiple devices.

The AppIncubator Advantage

As one of the best medical software development companies, we aim to provide you with the full suite of application development services. We have a team of experts who have years of experience developing top-tier healthcare applications as per the client's requirements using the latest technology. We provide you with the best possible solutions in different domains like:

Secure and Private

Secure and Private

We understand that security is a major concern for organizations and businesses nowadays, emphasising data protection. We know that medical data is sensitive information, and therefore we offer the best solutions to ensure data security against data breaches.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

While building applications, we implement the latest data encryption standards and ensure that all the information is transferred through encrypted channels. Our team of experts while developing the app keep this mind and stick to the data encryption standards.

APIs and Integrations

APIs and Integrations

We aim to provide an app that is compatible and easily integrated with all kinds of devices. While developing the apps, we ensure that it is functional on various platforms and performs seamlessly.

Technical Support

Technical Support

While developing a healthcare application, our team pays special attention to international laws and standards. We believe in providing technical Support anytime and anywhere.

Immaculate Track Record

Immaculate Track Record

We have years of experience in developing and delivering high-quality digital healthcare solutions. We have an impressive track record in the domain of software development.

On-time Delivery

On-time Delivery

We at AppIncubator utilize the latest technology and software development methodologies. We believe in developing applications quickly without compromising on product quality. Our experts work strictly on timelines while incorporating the highest quality standards.

Why AppIncubator?

  • Economical and Engaging Models

  • 24x7 Support

  • On-time Delivery

Technical or account support

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Since the more human population relies on technology to take care of themselves, from a business perspective, having an application has become critical. The Coronavirus outbreak has further highlighted the urgent need to revisit the existing global healthcare system. We help you adopt modern technology in the form of healthcare apps.

We understand that medical information is private and important. Therefore our team comply with strict privacy and legal regulations for every region. We pay special attention to risk identification and mitigation, authentication, and more.

It is hard to say, as each application development process is different. It depends on factors like what technology and tools we use to build the app, what kind of features the client wants, and more. To know more, get a free consultation today!

Yes, we provide our clients with the best possible upgrades for app modification. We make sure that even after the deployment of your app, we are there for any help!

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